Should I Sell My Home Off-Market?

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You’ve heard the stories. 

There are so many stories like that I could share with you about how hot the market is right now for sellers, and you’ve probably heard a few doozies from friends and family too.

Getting a home sold and sold quickly in this market is not hard. Anyone can sell a home right now. That’s easy to do, and anyone can do that right now, even you. But, the goal of selling a home should rarely be to get it sold or sold quickly.

The goal should be how are you going to make the very most advantage of the very best seller’s market in history AND with as little hassle along the way. Both are possible, and both are important.

But, what’s happening right now is that many sellers think they can skip steps or sell off-market because the market is so hot. Sometimes an off-market sale is a great idea, but sometimes selling off-market leaves thousands of dollars on the table.  

There are pros and cons to selling off-market, and there are right ways and wrong ways to do it.

Is selling a home off-market a good idea? Sometimes.  

For some sellers, the thought of 100 or more people coming through their homes on the weekend feels overwhelming and something they don’t want to sign up for, especially while COVID is still happening. 

This is especially true for people who are immune-compromised or have family members.   

Others don’t want to deal with agents (which I get) or think selling directly to a friend or family member is a better option. Sometimes it is, but sometimes there are risks involved.  

When Selling Off-Market Is The Right Choice 

One appeal to selling off-market can come from wanting fewer people in your home or perhaps the desire to sell in a more private environment. Maybe you don’t want your home all over the internet or your neighbors to know you are selling. All those can be excellent reasons to sell off-market.  

Whether you go on the market or not, though, the goal should still be to get you the highest possible profits for your home as much as possible. When we work together to sell your home off-market, I can tap into all the off-market resources I have available to help you still get the most possible for your home while selling it more privately.    

These are some excellent reasons to sell off-market, but it’s not for everyone.

When Putting Your Home On The Market is the Better Choice

If getting the highest price possible is your goal, even if it means being inconvenienced for a short period, then putting your home on the market is truly the best option.  

Selling your home more traditionally means giving it the most significant exposure. The more eyeballs we get on your home, the more likely more people will come to see it, and that means there is no question about what your house could have sold for.

The real estate market operates like any more—the more demand, the lower the supply, the higher the value, and that’s what’s happening right now.  

What’s also great about putting a home on the market is that you put your home in a position not just to sell once but sell a few times because you can have backup buyers waiting in the wings if anything were to go wrong with the buyer under contract (and it does happen).  

Typically, homes that sell on the market have better terms, too—meaning faster closings (if that’s what you want) and less or no contingencies.  

More offers mean you could end up with an all-cash offer or an offer with no contingencies, not even a home inspection!  

That’s what more buyers are seeing it means for you—the best possible price and the best possible contract terms so you can create the exact situation you want—more time to move if you need it, a quick closing if you need that, and less risk of the contract falling through. You want the offer you take to also go to closing, and when you have more offers, you have better terms, period. We see all sorts of creative things happening between buyers and sellers in multiple offer situations.  

What’s Right For You?

Putting your home on the market means exposing it to the most homebuyers possible. The more buyers who see your home, the more demand is created, which gives you the best possible chance to achieve the highest price.

But, for some sellers, getting the most money for their home isn’t the most crucial part of selling; sometimes, privacy or ease and simplicity hold more value. Getting an acceptable price is enough.  

For others, getting the very most money possible from their most significant investment is the goal. Selling off-market could mean leaving tens of thousands or even more on the table for those sellers.

Wondering what’s best for you?  

There are no one-size-fits-all answers. 

The answer might not be the same for you as it is for your neighbor. It depends on your personal goals and situation.  

Let’s talk about your individual needs, where you are headed, and figure out the best options. My job is to help you make the best decision for yourself. Whether you sell your home off-market or on the market, I can help you with both options, and either way, my goal is to make sure it’s a good experience for you. 

Whatever is most important to you is what I’ll make happen.  

For example, if you are overwhelmed with thinking about what needs to be done to get your home in show shape, that really should be the least of your concerns. My favorite clients are the ones that hand me their keys and leave the rest up to me. I love transforming a space and spending as little time and money to make it look its best. 

It’s my favorite part of the job and not a job you need to take on yourself!

Next Steps

Whether you want to sell off-market or on the market, I’d love to help you. My goal is to get you more for your home using me than any other option available. I’d love to show you how I can do that for you too.   

Email me if you have been thinking about selling your home, and we can talk about whether it’s best to sell off-market or on the market and how to be sure you are getting the very most profit possible.  


I'm Tehane, a local realtor helping locals buy, sell, and stay local in Honolulu  Schedule a conversationand let's talk about your current situation and where you want to be. Then, let's create a plan to get you there.  Every journey begins with the first step! 



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I'm Tehane, a local realtor helping locals buy, sell, and stay local in Honolulu. Schedule a conversation, and let's talk about your current situation and where you want to be. Then, let's create a plan to get you there. Every journey begins with the first step!   

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