3 Common Mistakes that Lower Credit Scores

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A high credit score is always important, whether you are buying a home anytime soon or not. Your FICO score and credit report are vital to getting any loan, and this series will give you the financial strategies you need to get your credit score as high as possible.

You might be doing things that negatively affect your credit score. Even if you aren’t buying a home anytime soon, you don’t want to be surprised by your credit score when you want to buy a car or refinance, for example. 

The decisions you make can hurt or help your score, which is why it’s better to understand what can impact your credit score. Even decisions or actions you think will help your score can hurt it!

Sound confusing? You’re not alone since many brilliant people don’t know the difference between fact and fiction when building a good credit score. 

Let’s clear it up for you so you can avoid making these mistakes below:

Mistake 1: Im caught up with late payments, so my score is fine.

It’s essential to pay your bills on time, every time! It doesn’t matter if you’ve caught up … you were late, and your account knows that.

If you must pay late and want to avoid damage to your score, pay the accounts that report to credit bureaus first. You can find this information by getting a copy of your credit report.

For example, credit reporting agencies say their records are updated “routinely,” but this does not mean instantly. It may take one to three weeks for your credit card company to report payment or pay the balance to the credit agencies, then more time for the agency’s reports to reflect the update. 

This is where your credit report and the dates indicated can tell you which of your credit card companies are more prompt in reporting and which may take a few more days.

Mistake 2: Dollar amounts matter in credit scores.

It may sound crazy, but dollar amounts don’t matter in FICO scoring. The effect on your score is the same for a $1 late payment as a $1,000 late payment. 

So don’t take the advice to pay the highest bill first if you can pay off smaller bills first.

Remember that the fewer late payments on your credit report, the higher your score—regardless of their dollar amounts.

Another way to increase your score is to have a high credit limit but a low balance. It signals that you are creditworthy and have paid your bills. 

Call your credit card companies to increase the credit limit as high as possible but don’t use the credit and pay down the balance so that it’s about half the credit limit or lower.

Mistake 3: Closing credit card accounts helps my score.

Don’t do this!! If you cancel a card, you may have just thrown away your chance to increase your score by continuing to build on years of positive credit. 

When you have a long-term and positive account history with an account, it can boost your score. It’s better to keep your cards open and active, using them for small purchases. You can also do this to help build up your score if it isn’t high enough.

You never know when you’ll need a loan for a new home or car or want to refinance to a lower rate! Avoid these mistakes and keep your credit score high. If you have any questions, email me anytime!


I'm Tehane, a local realtor helping locals buy, sell, and stay local in Honolulu  Schedule a conversationand let's talk about your current situation and where you want to be. Then, let's create a plan to get you there.  Every journey begins with the first step! 



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I'm Tehane, a local realtor helping locals buy, sell, and stay local in Honolulu. Schedule a conversation, and let's talk about your current situation and where you want to be. Then, let's create a plan to get you there. Every journey begins with the first step!   

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